Professor, Dr. Sci., PhD Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Laboratory of NanoMaterials


III International Workshop on Electromagnetic Properties of Novel Materials organized by Laboratory of NanoMaterials (139 participants from 14 countries).

«The aim of the Workshop is to provide a floor for the recent advances in both fundamental and applied science of novel materials and their electromagnetic characteristics with special attention on carbon nanomaterials. The Workshop is of a substantial importance for students and young researchers to attend lectures by senior scientists and to interact with the leaders in their frontier fields and to learn from them the state‐of‐the‐art research.

Being in the beginning only Russian speaking, this year the Workshop has become International, which allowed us to invite our foreign colleagues to support the meeting and widen the topic of the research areas within the Workshop program. The EMPNM 2018 Workshop has attracted 130 participants registered from 14 countries from 45 universities and institutions around the globe. We create new traditions, we support intensive idea exchange and networking!»