Professor, Dr. Sci., PhD Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Laboratory of NanoMaterials


Laboratory of Nanomaterials of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

The Laboratory of NanoMaterials, led by Prof. Albert G. Nasibulin, is among the top technology laboratories in the world and offers a unique environment for strong interdisciplinary research and a proven track record of productive cooperation. The main research areas of the group are

  • the synthesis of carbon nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes, graphene, metal oxide nanowires),
  • the applications of nanomaterials in transparent and flexible electronics, stretchable electronics, and photovoltaics.

Mission of the Laboratory

Our mission is to carry out high impact scientific and applied research based on nanomaterials to gain international recognition as a laboratory for the research excellence. The scientific level of the group is maintained by international leading scientists, involved in the research, strengthened by successful collaboration with national and international researchers and by disseminating research results in high quality journals and by holding scientific conferences and teaching courses in the frame of scientific interests of the group. The main aim is to generate innovation and commercialization of scientific results produced in the laboratory

Objectives of the Laboratory:

  • To conduct world-class scientific research in the fields of nanomaterial synthesis for various applications such as electronics, photonics, and optoelectronics;
  • To attract young and mature scientists with burning eyes to maintain high level research in the lab;
  • To create a laboratory with modern and sophisticated equipment to be utilized in a high efficiency research;
  • To provide a dynamic and creative educational environment for graduate and post-graduate students;
  • To establish and maintain a strong link with Russian and International institutions and industries to explore and adopt the latest scientific advances through applied research.

Head of the laboratory:

Prof. Dr. Sc. Albert G. Nasibulin
Tel: +7 916 690 3812 e-mail: a.nasibulin(a)

Postdoctoral researchers:

Dr. Yury Gladush
Tel: +7 916 442 63 738 e-mail: y.gladush(a) Optical properties of nanomaterials
Dr. Daria Kopylova
Tel: +7 903 71 74 144 e-mail: d.kopylova(a) Bolometers based on carbon nanomaterials
Dr. Anastasia Goldt
Tel: +7 916 453 8064 e-mail: a.goldt(a) Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles
Dr. Fedor Fedorov
Tel: +7 903 3849467 e-mail: f.fedorov(a) Electronic nose
Dr. Eugene Shulga
Tel: +7 965 1686115 e-mail: e.shulga(a) 3D printing
Dr. Vladislav Kondrashov
Tel: +7 905 5026859 e-mail: v.kondrashov(a) Research Scientist Electronics
Dr. Dmitry Krasnikov
Tel: +7 952 9007790 Research Scientist Synthesis of carbon nanomaterials

PhD students:

Alexey Tsapenko
Tel: +7 916 650 4109 e-mail: alexey.tsapenko(a) Transparent and conductive carbon nanomaterials
Vsevolod Iakovlev
Tel: +7 967 2429 871 e-mail: vsevolod.iakovlev(a) Synthesis of carbon nanotubes
Stepan Kruglov
Tel: +79688084155 e-mail: stepan.kruglov(a) Thermoacoustic effect in carbon nanotubes
Alena Alekseeva
e-mail: alena.alekseeva(a) Gas sensors based on carbon nanotubes
Artem Grebenko
e-mail: artem.grebenko(a) Synthesis of 2D materials
Anton Bubis
e-mail: anton.bubis(a) Lithography
Aram Mkrtchyan
Saturable absorber based on SWCNTs
Pramod Rajanna
Solar cells based on a-Si and carbon nanotubes
Maria Goncharova
Fibers based on carbon nanotubes
Eldar Khabushev
Single photon emitter
Daniil Ilatovsky
Javier Ramirez
SMART reactor


Andrey Starkov
Alexey Zakharov

MS students:

Orisia Zeremba
Optimisation of optoelectronic properties of SWCNT films
Boris Zabelich
Synthesis of SWCNTs with defined chirality
Daria Satco
Electronic structure of SWCNTs
Evgeny Redekop
Aly Elakshar
Nikita Raginov
Aisuluu Aitkulova
Diana Galiakhmetova
Dmitrii Shevnin
Maria Ramirez
Guillaume Debaille
Oyedamola Asiyanbola
Grigoriy Livshits

Lab alumni:

Dr. Anastasia Tyurnina
e-mail: a.tyurnina(a) 2D crystals for optoelectronics
Dr. Evgenia Gilshteyn
Tel: +7 926 932 0509 e-mail: evgenia.gilshteynimage002(a) Stretchable electronics
Andrey Vyatskikh
MS diploma “Synthesis of graphene”. 2015
Aleksandra Gorkina
MS diploma “Transparent and conductive hybrid graphene/carbon nanotube films”. 2015
Dinara Zhussupova
MS diploma “Silver nаnowires for stretchаble аnd trаnspаrent electronics”. 2016
Tkachuk Vladislav
Tel: +79258634604 MS diploma “Formation of micro- and nanostructures by soft lithography and laser treatment”. 2017
Daler Amanbayev
MS diploma “All nanotube supercapiсators”. 2017
Boris Afinogenov
e-mail: boris.afinogenov(a) Photonic crystal
Yulia Sklyuva
e-mail: yulia.sklyeva(a) Synthesis of carbon nanotubes
Ilya Gukov
MS diploma “Simulations of fiber laser pulse generation”. 2018